Moving on from The Guardian

24 May

So as many of you that follow me on Twitter will know, I’ve decided to leave for pastures new. I’ve had a great time working here, made some really good friends and learnt a hell of a lot about working in the media industry. I’ve been lucky enough to spend nearly two years working on what is probably the best newspaper website in the country and it’s proved to be an experience that will stand me in good stead for the future.

Speaking of which, my increasingly near future lies in Wolverhampton, where I’ve landed a job as an Online Journalist for MNA Digital, the webby arm of the Wolverhampton Express and Star and the Shropshire Star. Specifically, I’ll be taking over the commercial sections of the websites, namely Jobs, Property and Motoring, and will be responsible for the social media presence of both publications. It’s a big challenge and that’s why the role was so appealing to me.

I’ve got a lot of ideas to take with me into my new job and I’m chomping at the bit just to get going really. I felt as though I’d learnt all I could do in my current position with The Guardian and needed something new to get my teeth into to progress as a Journalist, a professional and an all-round person. It’s a fantastic opportunity and one that I know I’ll enjoy every minute of. Expect more updates as they come…


One Response to “Moving on from The Guardian”

  1. antiphonsgarden July 2, 2010 at 10:22 am #

    I wished to understand more about this addiction to “positivism” and the nice(off)/nescius=ignorant attitude. My expirience with this media has increased my awareness for plotting lobbys using moderation( they only have to report enough adverser as abusive/out of topic/whatever evil) to kick each controversy out of the paper, even more as more thoughfull writers dont send easy “to hell” or act out the bigbrother card.Some are definitly more “equal” than other. Not to mention deleting whole accounts or comments for the sake of some more or less opaque “inside politic”,or the last “invention” blocking the option to recommend certain commenter’s.
    For me, as old Voltarian, who would fight for the right of my worse “enemy” (if I ever consider someone I disagree with as such!”) this “comment is free” cynicism has been a great delusion, but I must admit, it was an complementary insight about the English “philosophy”(everything serving the market is “good”!) all the actors seems to worship.
    I thank you for your openness to present you as having been a part of the machine, it is such a fair way compared to a voyeurist system full of petty middle class upclimbing controll mechanism (called neoamericain :”netiquette” who is far from being real ethic).That for I wish you well for your future, as much as I wish us all (all those “rejected” included, I meet on the way!) A future, as I am sure that after the cynical greed game, humans will rediscover collaboration/having heart as our all surviving optimum. I don’t ask you for the real internas and power games , as the more something gets hidden, the more its visible, I simply hope you understand that I might be concerned about a journalism based on belonging to the cafe late society might be a frightening reduced perception of reality.

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