Todd Nash

Hello, I’m Todd Nash, a digital journalist who is currently employed as Web Editor for the Shropshire Star.

I’ve worked on a number of regional and national news websites, including guardian.co.uk, expressandstar.com, shropshirestar.com and mirror.co.uk.

Before moving to the Shropshire Star, I worked as an Online Journalist for MNA Digital. My role involved taking responsibility for the social media output of the Express & Star and the Shropshire Star and managing editorial content for the commercial sections of both websites.

Prior to that, I worked for guardian.co.uk for nearly two years as a Community Moderator. This job involves helping to promote, develop and moderate the community element of the website. During my time there, I created and maintained the @GuardianVoices Twitter feed, which was set up to highlight the best user generated content across the website.

I graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Media and Communication (Journalism) from Birmingham City University in 2008. This is an achievement that I’m particularly proud of and feel that I left my studies well-prepared for a career in the media.

I have other blogs, including the barely updated, but occasionally popular Journalism Today, the now defunct The Reading Fan and the never updated, but occasionally amusing Turkey Brumstick

I like to spread my wings across this wonderful thing we call the web. You may find me on:


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