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Crowdsourcing local newspapers on Facebook

24 Nov
Express & Star Facebook page

Express & Star Facebook page

On researching ideas for using Facebook for local news organisations, I found that there was no easy to find a local newspaper on Facebook. Why hasn’t anybody made a list of all of them before I wondered?

Because it’s time-consuming seems to be the answer. And having got through all the A’s and the B’s, I thought it time to ask for help.

So if you’ve some time to spare and fancy collecting some data so that I can put a useful list together and play with some of the data surrounding the regional press and their Facebook presences, read on.

Using this list of newspaper websites, I’d like people to commit to a letter of the alphabet (no, not X or Z…) and search for each name in the list on Facebook. I’d like to know:

a) Are they on Facebook?

b) If so, do they have a group, profile or page?

c) How many members/friends/likes does their principle persona have? – Please add the date you looked

d) Is the page used by the organisation? (Is it updated?)

e) If so, is it updated manually or automatically? If you can tell that is – give away automatic signs are things like RSS Graffiti and twitterfeed.

If you’d like to take part in this, please claim your letter in the comments section below and email me the results to

Being a cyncial guy, I fully expect that nobody will take me up on this offer – I realise I’m not offering much in return – but I will credit you in any blog posts that result from the data being collected.

A and B have already been done. Claim your letter below.

  • Disclaimer: I work for MNA Digital and look after the Facebook pages for and Although I may use the data to inform my own work, this is a purely personal project.