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A quick and boring film

29 Jan


So while I find more exciting things to film, I thought I’d give it a bash in my flat


YouTube videos made at BCU

23 Nov

I have been reminiscing a little lately, remembering how much fun I had this time last year making video content for Turkey Brumstick, a Birmingham Xmas blog that I managed with a fellow student. Join my trip into the past and ‘enjoy’ some of the cheesy attempts at online video news that I made during my time at Birmingham City University.

Street Ice – We look at whether there is a call for a permanent Ice Rink in Birmingham

Frankfurt Xmas Market – A look at the 2007 German Market in Birmingham

Speedway explained – As part of a speedway series, we take our viewers through the rules

OK so critical analysis, the first one has dodgy sound in places (bloody loud background music), some dodgy cuts and an initial interview that could have been edited better. Oh and noisy cars driving past, including a bus (better location needed!). However, not TOO bad all things considered.

Number two is probably my favourite, a nice cheesy Xmas video that could have perhaps benefitted from a couple more takes in places, but is overall quite good fun. Oh and I just love the music and the sarky interviewees.

Finally, lucky number three is, well, it’s just shit really. Unsuprisingly, one of the first ones we made.

What do you think?